How to Make Money with Forums and Message Boards?

Internet is full of incredible websites - I just love checking them out. Recently I came across sites, which offer money for posting on forums or being active on message boards or public communities.

I got very excited about such an idea because I am working from home and use forums with great pleasure. This is a pretty interesting way to make money for free that is why I decided to join and

Mylot is a forum community, which covers a large variety of topics. Here you can get paid to create new threads and post replies. Even though Mylot doesn't pay a lot of money for every post made, it is still a nice site to use, because you get at least some money for something you usually do for free. Additionally Mylot will pay you to refer new users. is a totally different website but you can get paid to post with it too. In order to make money for free, you need to join postloop, browse available posting jobs, complete them and redeem your points for money. The minimum cashout is just $4 and I know users, who are making more than ten dollars per day by posting on forums.